How to respond to COVID-19 or flu in the workplace?

October 30, 2020

Jeffrey A. Dretler, Partner in the Labor and Employment Practice Group at Rubin and Rudman LLP was quoted by Ask the Job Doc. to share his expertise as he is providing counsel to a wide range of clients also struggling with these challenges.

Dretler advises, ‘The best practice for businesses is to continue to follow the CDC’s interim guidance on preventing workplace exposures to coronavirus which includes, among other things: (1) actively encouraging sick employees (whether sick from COVID-19 or otherwise) to stay home; (2) instructing employees that any individuals with COVID-19 symptoms must notify their supervisors, remain home, and follow CDC-recommended steps; and (3) requiring employees with family members who have contracted COVID-19 to notify their supervisor and follow CDC-recommended precautions.’”

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