Matthew Berlin Featured in Harvard Magazine

February 21, 2020

Boston, MA (March/April 2020) – Trust and Estates attorney Matthew Berlin was recently interviewed by Harvard Magazine for his musical talents.

The article by Lydialyle Gibson is titled, Hot Pursuit: Jazz and blues bassist Matthew Berlin.

Matthew is a Jazz and blues bassist who also knocks around in folk, ragtime, and classical and performs sometimes three or four nights a week, is quick to tell people that he’s not a real musician. “A hack,” he insists, half-kidding. His regular job is as a trust and estates lawyer in a Boston firm. But the truth is, he’s been a musician—a serious one—longer than he’s been anything else. “It’s just always been there,’ he says.

While Matthew’s day job is here at Rubin and Rudman, he plays regularly with half a dozen Boston-area bands and often strings together an ensemble of his own; “he calls it the Berlin Hall Repertory Orchestra, a nod to the juke joint that his grandfather, a Latvian immigrant, ran above the family’s dry-goods store in Newport News, Virginia.”

Read the full article on the Harvard Magazine website.