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What to Know: Returning Employees to the Workplace

Many states have begun to lift the various shelter-in-place orders their governors imposed to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, and many other states will be considering doing so in the near future. While recognizing that the workplace will not look the same, employers are preparing to bring their employees back to the workplace
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Navigating Divorce During COVID-19

It has now been more than one month since we, like most of you, have been asked to isolate ourselves, maintain social distancing, and essentially hunker down at home as we ride out this “storm” more formally known as the COVID-19 public health crisis. During these times each day mostly feels the exact same as
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Governor Baker Signs into Law Legislation that Addresses Challenges Faced by Municipalities to Timely Process and Hear Permitting Applications Resulting from COVID-19

On April 3, 2020, Governor Baker signed into law An Act to Address Challenges Faced by Municipalities and State Authorities Resulting from COVID-19, which, among other things, seeks to provide relief to cities and towns that are unable to timely process and hear permitting applications due to COVID-19. The law is an effort to balance
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Massachusetts Introduces Bill Forcing Insurance Companies to Cover Business Interruption Losses

On March 24, 2020, Massachusetts introduced Bill S.D. 2888, aimed at forcing insurance companies to cover business interruption losses caused by COVID-19.  The purpose of Massachusetts’ Bill S.D. 2888 is to require insurance companies in Massachusetts “to provide business interruption insurance coverage to their insured in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.” Bill S.D. 2888 requires
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