March 5, 2014

Bob Walker’s last day serving as Managing Partner of Rubin and Rudman was February 28th, 2014. Bob has been a Partner of this firm for 30 years, and this past Friday ended his Managing Partner term of nineteen years.  It is an understatement to say that Bob will be missed.

During his tenure as Managing Partner, Bob was able to help navigate the course of our firm despite the ever changing legal environment.  Under the collective leadership of him and our Executive Committee, we were not only able to avoid the all too common mistakes that lead to the disappearance of so many firms within our legal community, but we prospered because of the strategic and daily decisions made on our behalf.  We are proud to have recently been recognized, by U.S. News and World Report, as one of the four “Best” law firms in Massachusetts, and acknowledge Bob’s many contributions, which no doubt helped us achieve this honor.

Bob has served as the face of our firm and has been active in fostering our growth through recruitment of suitable lateral attorneys to join our partnership.  His recommendations have always been on target, and his efforts have helped us continue to attract and subsequently incorporate some of New England’s finest lawyers into our firm.  It is a testament to Bob’s management style that our new partners and associates are seamlessly integrated into our environment.

Bob helped to foster and maintain a collegial atmosphere at Rubin and Rudman, which is something to be recognized and valued. He accomplished this feat by listening carefully to each and every suggestion, and complaint, made by his partners, and then gently guiding them to a resolution that would cause the least disruption to the partnership. He has maintained a firm grasp on our checkbook, never forgetting to protect our bottom-line. He conservatively reviewed spending requests, politely yet firmly denying those he thought were not financially sound and in the best interest of the firm.  Despite his frugal mindset and honest responses, Bob has never made an enemy; in fact he is one of the most revered people I know.

For all that he has done for our firm over the years, and for the person that he is today, I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” on behalf of myself and the firm.  As Bob’s successor, I will do my best to continue to lead with compassion and fortitude, and carry on the tradition of excellence on which this firm was founded almost 100 years ago.


Paul G. Gitlin