Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights

With a vast amount of experience in representing debtors, creditors and other parties in bankruptcy, out-of-court workouts and related litigation, Rubin and Rudman has the knowledge and experience to deal with any problem that may arise whenever the solvency of a party is in question. Members of the firm have participated in the financial restructuring of businesses throughout the country in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, technology, finance, utilities, health care, real estate and agriculture.

Our experience extends beyond state borders. We represent U.S. and non-U.S. entities making strategic investments locally, nationally and abroad. Rubin and Rudman Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights lawyers:

  • Represent business debtors, creditors and creditors’ committees in Chapter 11 reorganizations and liquidations
  • File and prosecute involuntary bankruptcy petitions on behalf of creditors
  • Prosecute and defend preference, fraudulent transfer and successor liability claims
  • Represent landlords, equipment lessors, technology licensors and secured creditors in protecting their property rights
  • Prosecute reclamation and administrative claims on behalf of trade creditors
  • Represent purchasers of assets from a bankruptcy estate
  • Negotiate and structure out-of-court workouts and liquidations for both debtors and creditors
  • Evaluate and structure transactions with financially troubled businesses in advance of a potential bankruptcy filing
  • Advise officers, directors and shareholders of a financially troubled business as to various courses of action in conjunction with a financial restructuring
  • Advise creditors as to their rights and best strategies when dealing with a company experiencing financial difficulties

In 2015, the American Bankruptcy Institute published the Creditors’ Committee Manual (Sixth Edition) by Joseph S.U. Bodoff, the head of Rubin and Rudman’s Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights practice.  Listen to the ABI Podcast
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